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genuine del Gesu on ebay??


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ISOC redux

Can't it, just this once, be revisto et corretto... doesn't even have to be da me.

Redux just makes me wanna stab it with a hot screwdriver. Maybe I'll just sit back and proofread a little... Otherwise I feel like the violin mafia are interviewing me for a position for which I don't feel well enough certified. But then I'm rumored to be certifiable... At least he's not claiming it's a strad. Speaking of screwdrivers, can anybody tell me where to find a 10"-shank Phillip's-head? The lid on my CD player won't stay shut.

Well, for 2 million dollars I guess it's worth it to tempt fate by saying I don't give an armadillo's nether parts one way or the other which Giuseppe was the real del Gesu. I am sick of that damned fiddle and as soon as I can pick up enough cash I might just drive on up to Brewton, and maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to relax and pop a great recording of a great violinist playing some light fluffy parlor music on a really strange looking genuine Strad into the car stereo. Then I'll drive right back home, a round trip completely ignoring the Guarneri family. Maybe WHIL would have something on with somebody playing a Havelka. I don't know what they sound like, but gosh, they're neat lookin' fiddles.

Sorry to interrupt, folks. Please, do carry on...

8-) Marc

By the way, my library's open to anyone who wants a list of ISBNs. I'll have to re-catalog it, though. Forgot which envelope the list was on. Maybe it's the one next to the Magpie casserole recipe.

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hey everyone,

Doesn't the varnish on the front look fake to anyone else? I was about to plunk down $2 million for this violin until I noticed the varnish. On the back it's worn out on the wrong side for a violin this old. I could be wrong, so if I am incorrect, please let me know and I will buy this violin.

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Hur, this guy apparently believes that Giuseppe Guarneri Del Gesu is not the real one and that this Joseph Antonio is the real Del Gesu. Coincidentally he also claims to have a violin by this "real" Del Gesu! Furthermore he also seems to think he won a Strad on Ebay for around 300 dollars while everyone on maestronet was laughing at it and has had it "unofficially" appraised at 3.5 million dollars or something. He thinks God is on his side (whichever God that is).

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