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These might help you out. 3 after 97, play 4-1-2 then 3 on the A string- you are in 6th position.

2 measures later, 2 before 98, find the Eb with your 1st finger and use that as the base finger, reaching up with 4 for the Bb, then staying in 7th position. Make sure to keep your 1st finger down.

For 3 after 98, either 5th position with an extension, 4-2-3-1, or 6th position, 4-1-2 then 4 on the A string might work.

At 99, playing in 6th position, but using the 4th finger for the B natural on the A string in the 3rd measure might help.

The gliss is usually just a gliss- too fast for fingers.

At 101, I like 4-1-2-1-2, then on the A string 3-4-1, then stretching up for the Eb in the next measure, 4-2-3 then 1 in 2nd position on the E string for that G natural in 3 measures after 101, then 2 for Ab, then 3 for the D on the A string.

And, 8 after 102, starting on the E string, 1-2-1-2-1, ending on that D in the 9th measure. Stay in 6th position, using your 4th finger on the A string for that B natural.

Remember to keep your 1st finger down as much as possible. It will help you find those stretches, and overall keep you from getting lost on the fingerboard.

Hope that gives you some ideas.

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About that gliss- slide up on the A string, using the first finger, until you reach a Bb on the A string. This will be your anchor finger for your new position. With your first finger down on this Bb (the same note as low 4th finger on the E string in 1st position, by the way) it will be an easy matter to place your 3rd finger on the high Ab. You are now in 6th position.

Reaching the Bb is quite an easy matter if you think of it as being one 1/2 step above the halfway point on the string, or 1/2 step above the harmonic A.

Then, for the downbeat of m. 88, you place your 1st finger on the D, the 2nd note, and that allows you automatically to find that high G that begins m. 88.

Now, if you prefer, you can slide up on the A string and play 4TH finger on the high Ab on the E string- just remember to slide on the A string and keep the 1st as an anchor finger an octave below when you stop- in this case your 1st finger would land on Ab. No matter- it all goes by so quickly, all you need to hear is a gliss of some sort.

Which should you use, 3rd or 4th on the top? That depends on your finger length, strength, hand width, flexibility, etc. It is entirely up to you, and only you can answer that question.

Hope this helps some.

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