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martina hawe

Happy Birthday Mr. Holmes

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Happy Birthday from Cape Town.

If I had trained my Wolfhound to carry one of those wooden brandy casks a la Bernese Mountain dogs, I could have sent him over. However I'll be needing the contents myself tomorrow.

cheers edi


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hi Jeff

i would like to add my voice with the others in wishing you happy birthday

your getting old

todd goldenberg

Todd! Not as old as you! :) How are you, fella!

Great to see you here!

Thanks everyone! I must say, I feel very content today... and feel lucky to have so many (old and new) friends.


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Happy Birthday Jeff!! I would like to extend a personal thank you for sharing your wisdom and insight when it was really needed. It is/was greatly appreciated. :)

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Dear Jeffrey

Happy birthday too :) . I also take the opportunity to commend you for the marvelous work you have done for Maestronet. This site is still, by far, the most professionally run and the most educating website for both violin makers, players and enthusiasts. I am not a maker but I have learned so much about it from my daily reading of the website posts each morning. Yes, it has become a part of my daily routine.

I emphasize professionally run because I believe you have managed to strike the perfect balance in the moderator role.

I certainly hope you make full use of the perfect weather there in Ann Arbor to celebrate. Cheers :) (now where's the wineglass emoticon?)



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Guest erich_zann

A little late, but I hope your Birthday is a GREAT ONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And to echo others:

Thanks for your time moderating such a valuable forum!


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