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Sweatin' this one


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Ok, here goes…

Recently purchased a Pfretzschner violin on Eshill… (oops… Ebay)…

After a little work (clean, polish, strings, etc) I find that can’t seem to remove the SWEAT stains.

I am wondering if I need go to the shop and crank up my buffer… vigorous hand rubbing didn’t seem to do the trick.

I know nice lookin' don't make ya play better, but it makes ya LOOK better.

thanks for the help.





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This is damage from moisture-not sure if it's sweat or water- Normally French polishing will remove this. However French polishing is not something you want to try for the first time on your violin. Take it to a good shop/luthier. No amount of buffing will remove this IMHO.

Oded Kishony

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well, soap and water didn't do it...

looks like it ate into the finish... and NO i don't want to mess with the finish.

the inscription states strat copy dated 1904... not sure if that's fact or fiction, however the grain is nice (soft is very near same size as hard grain) and very fine... thank you tree.

the frets have worn off though... but it sounds real good.

thanks for the recomends...

PS... the fret line was a joke.


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Your buffer would make things worse. If you get the finish hot, it's going to become a mess.

I suppose you could try some super fine abrasive, but since the problem is that the finish has been corroded by sweat, you're probably better off doing nothing. Fine abrasives generally work best on buildup (absolute worse case rosin buildup), not oxidation.

With French polishing it would be hard to avoid ending up with a new looking instrument unless you're good at covering your tracks.

Sometimes doing nothing is the right thing.

So leave it as it is...

Did I mention that anything is possible?

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I don't know how to tell you this, G'dae but what you bought there might not be a violin but a fiddle instead. Them's not sweat stains. My limited experience as a bluegrass fiddler tells me those are beer marks. Yeah, I hate to break it to you but, this fiddle's been honky-tonkin' at some point in it's life.

Now, it's nothing to be ashamed of. Some of the best violins have a fiddly dark-side. Just don't be surprised if the Chopin or Mozart you play has a little Southern Twang to it... :) The stains are just 'added character' to the violin's back story.

Like the others have said, the stains don't look that bad. Just put off doing anything about them until some day when you're having a luthier do some other upgrade or something. He can take care of them then. In the mean time you'll just have to get used to a double-shuffle instead of a detache'!

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excuse meee!!! krugwaffle

i am upaulled (grin) at the thought of beer on a fine violin like this one...

sure lookid like swet too me... seen the same on my ol '86 take-mine 6er.

it should have been a tip-off when i threatened to go to the shop for my BIG BUFFER.

BTW that was a joke 2.

while not classicaly trained, i do like a little vibrater on my notes from time to time.

nope, don't think i'll do anything to it... and am just happy to add this lil 4 stringer to my 5, 6, and 8 string family.

thanks for all the info.

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