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Maestronet members...are they all real?


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Anyone remember ISOC? I miss those posts of his extensive collection of unknown Strads and other rare Italian instruments which he collected somewhere around the Ozarks.

That guy's still posting over on Fiddle Forum. He was last seen trying to convince one of the members that his 19th C German (IIRC) fiddle, for which the owner knows the history back pretty much to the original purchase, was an authentic del Gesu...

I'm not sure I'm a fan of the new feature that allows someone to change his/her screen name. As far as I can tell, it has only been used by pranksters or by people who want to escape a reputation (deserved or not). -Steve

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I used the screen name feature to change from KenPollard to Ken Pollard, the former being an old-time programmers habit, the latter being more like English. Hope it doesn't throw anyone. :)

So, I've met both Steve W and Dean L. in person, and feel fairly sure they're real. Not sure what their opinion of my reality is. I find it strange that anyone has enough time to run two parallel identities on Maestronet, but that's only because I'm not clever enough.

As said before in this thread, the danger of such behavior is that folks who are earnest in their questions and responses risk being trivialized.

Still, life is rough on the internet. If you can't stand the heat, turn off the bending iron.


P.S. -- the avatar photo isn't me; I just liked the hat.

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so you are a fraud! all this time i was thinking you were a rather rotund fellow with bad taste in hats...fraud police! where is the justice!

im curious of the good advice from lyndon taylor, i stopped talking to him when he asked me to come to some other country to live with him and marry his daughter or niece or something...thats when it got a little creepy

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