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Darren Molnar

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I bought one at a hardware store, and I found it too sticky and gooey. And it seemed to leave a residue, which causes some greif. The ones I've found to be the safest, and most effective, are some used ones I once took from a body shop.

But lately, I've been putting a drop of tacky varnish on my finger (Magister, no solvent) , and spreading that around my fingers and palm. Then I just wipe the instrument with my somewhat sticky hand. It seems to work well.

I'm wondering what others are using. does any one make their own?

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I never use them because I've always suspected they would leave a slight residue. Instead I use the exhaust port from a shop-vac to remove dust just prior to varnishing --- just need to have a firm grip on the instrument and be a little careful when directing the air toward the f-holes.

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