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Nitirc Acid and oil

Bill Yacey

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Will Nitiric acid destroy a ready mixed oil varnish with the turpentine and linseed oil already mixed in? Just wondering if anyone else has done this before I potentially ruin some valuable resin.


Its hard to tell what will happen ,ive done lots of experiments with nitric acid.When i have treated all ingredients together like you describe ,the varnish wouldnt dry,even when i added lead driers and after prolonged heating.Its best to treat just the resins,usually rosin or venice terpentine by itself.You have to watch it very carefully as the reaction is very exothermic (use a large container and cool in water)

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I can see the non-drying become something of an issue. Musicians don't like sticky violins, although it might help prevent accidental droppage.

I thought if the acid would color / darken the oils as well this might be a good thing, but from what you are relating here it changes the drying properties of the oil. Perhaps as an experiment I'll treat some linseed oil with the acid and put it side by side with a film of untreated and see how it hardens in the sun.

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