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What Label I Should Put On My Non-labeled Violin?


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Hi all,

I would like to put a label inside of my violin

which reads something like this " Best knowledge, a copy of Joe Guarnerious , Cremonenfit,

Faciebat Anno 1742 (Chicago, Illinois, 2001 )

Is this alright? Or other good idea?

Problem: I am even not sure if it is a Strad copy or Guarneri copy ? (conflict expert info)

Let me show you a pic (if it works, camera has low battery)


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If it was made in 2001, do you know who made it? If you're not sure of what it is a copy of, (conflicting info indicates that) don't guess.

Only put in information that you're sure of.

How about "Made by _____________, Chicago, Ill, Anno 2001"


Maker unknown. The seller said it is a Guarneri model. Then he later said not sure. I said when I see one I will know what it is.

Now I am not sure. I better leave it to you guys, luthiers who may have a better bet. I just want to do my best info for a label.

Please look at the pic and f-hole.


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"Illegitimus non carborundum me"


A little later...

Ok i will save folks time by translating this pigeon Latin:

'Don't let the bast...d grind me down'


Even later...

This is the St Trinians motto which I bastardised.

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That looks like a nice violin. Please leave it alone.

Surely the maker, Joseph would not appreciate you changing it!

I suggest you learn to play "Let it Be" by the Beetles and then play it whenever you are tempted to mess with your violins! :)




I guess you are right. To restore anything of a violin is difficult. I never dream of a label could be that difficult to

restore with an appropriate name. That said, leave it alone. Okay.

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I have been thinking...

this could be a good opportunity to test the impact of increasing the size of the left F-hole on the tonal quality of the violin, but this should be done only if a good pair or ears are available.


ps - the OP title is quite clear - a 'non-labeled violin'


later edit:

'this could/might/would (but not should) be a good opportunity to test... "

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I'm confused. Does it have a label now?


At this moment as we speak, there is no label in side.

If it is a copy of Joseph Guarneri, then I should have a label for it in saying so.

First thing first. " IS THIS IS A (copy) GUARNERIus ? "

We have not yet settled this question. How disappointing.

How many of you (luthiers. violin experts, violin lovers, Strad hater etc ) think it is. Please say so. Thanks.

( I remember Guarneri has long f- hole, this one the f-hole is not awefully long, it confuses me)

PS. At a certain angle, it looks like a Guarnerius. I changed the pegs in "perfection pegs" and

the tailpiece, some strings. It is quite new (2001, or 2002, what difference does it make, 100 yeas later?)

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I say it's not a Guarneri copy. Look at the middle bouts and the f-holes!

The only thing you know for sure about this violin is that you bought it and did some work on it. If you have to put a label in it, why don't you just put something in to that effect? I think Manfio's first suggestion was a good one. -Steve

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I understand, but the poster is sometimes unclear.

Yuen, is the labelled pictured a label you made?


The label I made is out side of the violin.

I have not attached it inside. Once it is attached I would not changed it.

Therefore, I would like the info on the label is as accurate as possible.

May I should use the word " model" instead of " copy"

Most likely the violin is a factory. Not one single person was responsible for its birth.

I had a few single person made violins before. Due to my mistake, and ignorance I traded them

with factories. Now I know things better. I am not complaining, or asking sympathy. It is just a price to learn.

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"This violin repaired by

Yuen ____________

Anytown, USA June 2008"

If you don't know the model, when it was made, or who made it, why would you try to add to the confusion by implicating that on the label? You can replace "repaired" with "owned" if that suits you better.

If you have more history, you could write that on the label, or just write up a sheet to keep with the instrument in the case: "This violin made in 2005 by Joe Smith of Anytown, USA of wood reclaimed from his old barn said to have been built by former president George Washington in 1865."

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