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wood for bows

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One of those bows has popped up at Brompton's - you can see how the head and handle are pernambuco but the shaft is bamboo. I think he used multiple strands of bamboo, epoxied together.

Thanks. First one I have seen.

I would certainly have missed it from the vanilla "octagonal stick" description - verges on a deliberate omission of a word such as "composite" or "bamboo" or other adjective between "octagonal" and "stick".

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Allan Speers

Allan Speers,


First I know it's been a while but Osage orange is not going to work.  I gave it a shot and stopped 1/2 way through when it became clear that there was no way it was ever going to hold the hair at any tension.  The Young's Modulus is too low.  This works great for archery where the energy is stored but released.  Violin bows hold the energy for long periods of time.

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On 5/29/2008 at 6:12 AM, hobbyjob said:

I just came across a web site that list alternatives for pernambuco based on some scientific measurements. It state "Swartzia is, on purely mechanical grounds, the most promising alternative material for Pernambuco, but

Arizeiro and bamboo should be considered, too."

Please, can you put updated link on this pdf, or can you send me a copy to my e-mail?

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