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Missing Images & other problems

Jeffrey Holmes

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Hi All;

Thanks in advance for your continued patience during the upgrading process.

Some of you are having password difficulties... I had similar problems. If it helps, what finally worked for me is to input my old password without any capitals (all small case).

The e-mail password reminder is presently not working properly... Administration is working on it.... among many other things.

Administration is also working to restore the missing images to their respective threads.

Private mail indicators will read "full" when over 50 messages are present... but the capacity is actually much higher than that... The difficulty seems to concern the indicator. I've been sending and receiving messages with no difficulty... and I'm storing several hundred. The indicator problem is being looked into.

Several of you have contacted me privately with your concerns. I've been passing these on to Glenn, our tech guru... so he is aware of the difficulties.

Changing things over is never easy... but I assure you, problems are being looked into. Some may wonder "why the change?" Honestly, the performance & limitations of the old program and the slow server speed was becoming a real issue. While we were "used to it", I have a feeling that in time none of us would be terribly happy waiting for the pages to load. :)

Cheers all!

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Thanks for all the hard work.

I am running Safari on an Intel Mac and am unable to open any attachments.

For example those in Guy's references.


Thank you,

Some attachments, or just some of them? Some of the links and images on Guy's reference threads have yet to "fixed", so if it's some, you're with the rest of us. If it's all attachments, something else is up.

I run macs myself. Haven't tried the new board on my intel machine yet, but it seems to be working fine on the G4 in my shop.

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All of the previous attachments have been moved from the old server. Some of them will not appear correctly because raw HTML is turned off in the forums. I'm going to work on a script that will change all of the <img links to [ img ] which is the much more common method of linking images.

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