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Jeny Mahon

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Hey everybody, I just got this at about 9 this morning, much to my surprise, since I did not put in very much money at all and totally didn't expect to get it.

Ebay fiddle

There's no label, and I know the photos are kind of hard to make out, but my question is to anyone willing to hazard a guess, does this look like it could be a Glass?


Just curious!

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The only good thing I can see is the scroll is OK, perhaps not machine made, and the arching is Italian, that's no reason to bid so high on this item Ive bought 1700s italians for this price, maybe you should try youre local indian casino if you want to gamble, just kidding almost, The problem is it is in mint condition with no signs of natural wear, this kind of gamble is low stakes gambling, you only lost $100 worst case scenario, sincerely Lyndon

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Yep, now that I look at the photos of the Glass I have, (actual fiddle is buried somewhere in the shop) you're right, it's totally different. I was just remembering the scroll and the general color. The photos of it are bad but yes, you can see it is quite red, and my Glass is brown.

I like it though! And it's always fun to get a $200 mystery fiddle. We shall see when it arrives.

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Funny you should mention that! Because I go to at least one or two casinos here in WA state a month!

We've got like 47 here, I think we're one of the most casino-ed states.

But yes, I do like the scroll, and I'm glad you pointed out the arch because for a split second I had the same thought, but I really don't know what I'm looking at so I dismissed it.

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