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As somebody with neck problems I would love a round the neck thingy like this. I've been trying to figure out how it could be attached to a conventional violin. It would need to be something that attaches and detaches so that the instrument could be put in a conventional case but it would need to securely attach to the violin. Anybody got any ideas??

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Due to problems of size, one tends to hear of and see more ergonomically designed violas

I would have thought?

The problem is you start with things like this


and end up heading in this direction:

(reminding one of something from Salvador Dali)


And folks here will be familiar with other attempts

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Originally posted by:
Bob A

How about a rare earth magnet inset into endpin, with you wearing an iron collar?

A concert black velcro collar with hook-end ribs might be more appropriate. You can then alert the audience when you are done (and not just between movements) by dramatically ripping it off your neck...

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My father-in-law who is an inventor had a go at designing an innovative way to support the violin and he came up with a hat with a string going to the scroll!! Probaby would have to be pizz only and I'm not sure it would catch on amongst Maestronet folks!!!

Seriously though, keep coming up with the ideas...

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soundboot, maybe look into this one

I saw and tried this in the innovation room at the 2006 vsa. Scroll

down the page to the "balanced shoulder rest"

It's a counter weight that is flexible, to conform to you're body,

and the violin balances hands free. It felt very comfortable to


I think this might be  a better idea than any kind of tie

down, anchor system. No new stresses introduced, as I think

would be if you used  some kind of   wrap around you're

neck , tie it to you're head  type.


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These violins have it all Erogonomic, even and superpowerful. Can

even play in the rain. Click here: Luis and Clark - Custom Made

Carbon Fiber Instruments -- Composite Material Musical


priya, I've always been curious about the statement that always

seems to follow any mention of these instruments.

You can play them in the rain! It seems to be a big selling


The acoustical merits of these things aside, unless the bridge is

composite, the bow is composite, the hair is artificial, the rosin

waterproof, the strings waterproof, and the soundpost carbon fibre,

then the thing, as a playable violin, is not waterproof!

No big deal. It just sort of bugs me when I hear that listed as one

of the positives of carbon fibre instruments.

And get the hell out of the rain!

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