Violin Woods and Location

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Stradivari got most of his in Europe. Balkan Maple & Alpine Spruce, I think? There are alot of makers today, especially in North America, that use North American woods. Maple from Western Canada for example, and Spruce too, that's what I'm using on my latest violin.

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I am afraid that your (Nawlinsgril) questions may get too many answers or

left out too many, to be useful. For example, it is not easy to tell one violin is

better than other violin, individual taste ,time it needs to adjust the instruments,

try out by good players, good bow used, etc. things like that involved.

They can tell you all today and tomorrow still unfinished.

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I agree that individual taste determines a lot about what violins they prefer. However, I also know the reason why many luthiers strive to achieve the quality of Stradivari's violins- they have such a great sound that everybody can appreciate them. That is what I am looking for, which is a lot for someone who is still in high school. I am not doing this for myself, but in order to help out my fellow luthiers.

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We've used Balkan, Siberian, and American maple, and Alpine and Alaskan spruce of various species. Gotten good results with all of them. Even used cedar on an occasional bass. The choice of wood seems to be more important than what country it comes from, and skill seems to be more important than nuances of wood choice, although good wood is obviously important.

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