Science of Violin Woods

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Scientific factors? I just look at it. Nice color, depth of figure in Maple, eveness of grain is Spruce, no cracks, dark streaks, worm holes. Price is also something I consider. To me there really isn't anything scientific about violin making, it's really fancy woodworking, as is all instrument making and I've made a few different kinds.

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Over the summer I worked on an acoustics project at CU-Boulder. My project was related to woodwind acoustics not violins. One time I was talking to my program dirrector about how the research was going and told them, "It's going great and I'm trying to figure out how to use the machine I'm building to measure the properties of violin tonewoods." Then they asked me what the difference between normal wood and violin wood is, they were interested in how the physical properties of the woods were different. I responded, "Violin wood is prettier than normal wood." They just gave me a blank look, that was the end of the conversation.

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long time ago, I have read Allan-Herror's book from cover to cover (an old book about violin making).

If you can get hold a copy of this book in your local library, please have a quick read of the book.

It will give you a good idea what is involved.

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