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Hello to fellow M'Netters:

Undoubtedly Oliver Sacks' book has been discussed on this board before. Musicophilia proved almost too intense for me, so I stuck Elmer Gantry in the middle of it, creating a brand new story which partially destroyed my brain in a rather fun way.

Now the library books are all read and returned, and I'm waiting somewhat quietly in anticipation of a call from my new tax preparer. The second and third books of the "His Dark Materials" trilogy are on my night stand, bought and paid for in behalf of my sister who recently shipped them back after reading them post-Christmas. I started the one with the cats on the cover, love it already, and think I'd better take a walk now.

I hope that all old self-employed people can quickly learn to be undaunted by the new self-employed people. We are all in this together. My papers are in order, pretty much. Time to clean the kitty litter.

Maybe I shouldn't mention that I shed real tears over this morning's re-reading of "The Present Crisis". Maybe I am too proud of having forgiven myself while overjoyed to see video of a little boy squirming during a dreary choral rendition of "Once to Every Man and Nation". So I'm still the sort that's just gotta believe.

Dear ed: I have read in my book of songs. Tally-Ho.

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I also recently read Musicophilia and am now awaiting This is Your Brain on Music which several musician friends have recommended to me. I found Musicophila to be an engrossing book, scary in parts when realizing that an ability that's so important to us is fragile and could be lost in a moment! In reading about some of the disorders he described, like the patients who lost all sense of music, I was almost afraid to continue!

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