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cost for violin maintenance?

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Hello All,

I am formulating the mechanics for a violin loan program and I need to know how much it would cost to keep up 10 violins per year? They wouldn't necessarily be in the same town. Therefore, I would probably have to contract local or nearest to.

How many times a year for string replacement, soundpost/bridge inspection and/or adjustment?

I would be assuming that they would be played and possibly travel, often.

I would be grateful for your insight.



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That's a tricky one.

Best case: All the violins are well set up to begin with and the

players are respectful.  A check up once a year, a few hundred

dollars for worn strings and rehairs... oh wait, most likely all

your bows will need rehairs after a year.  A few this and

thats. People do love to complain. Still well within reason,

Worst case: 10 new bridges, 10 sets of strings, 10 broken

tailpieces, 10 sound post cracks, etc...

Only to say that anything can and does happen to instruments on

loan. The safest bet is to assume major set up work for over half

your "fleet" over the course of a year. A few instruments will need

repairs, and chances are one will be "destroyed".

This is assuming, of course, you are renting violins to drunk

monkeys. If you are not the results could be better, or worse.

The pleasure of putting a good sounding, well functioning

instrument in the hands of someone that cannot otherwise afford it

is well worth the effort and expense. When built wisely and over a

long period of time, a rental program can be both rewarding and

profitable. It's alot of work, but so what.

Good luck.

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How about string replacement? How many sets of strings should one go thru in 1 year? 3-4 with possibly spares sets or individual strings?

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