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Boccherini String Quartets - Catalog and Score Source?

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I am interested in a listing of ALL of the Boccherini string

quartets. The wiki page for this composer lists 91, however I have

a score collection of 9 quartets (Edition Peters) that contains

opus numbers not included in the list (6,10 and 27).

The libraries here are abysmal - Does someone have a

comprehensive list of the known/cataloged opus's and numbers for

these works.

I also was surprised that the usual web retail sources I

use don't list any comprehensive editions of these quartets.

Sheetmusicplus,  aside from a few individual scores lists only

a random collection of 9 quartets (Peters and Kalmus).  Are

the remainder really that bad?

Many of the passages in these

works are delightful-full of imagination and an interesting

contrast to those composed by contemporaries like Mozart and

Beethoven. We would like to play some more of them. Does anyone

know any sources of in-print and available-for-purchase collections

of these quartets



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I suspect you'll have to crawl thru innumerable university library stacks to assemble a collection of Boccherini quartets. Harvard seems to have a number, the Eastman School lists some 400+ works if I'm reading their listings correctly, and doubtless there are more.

Boccherini's music is delightful, but for the most part seemingly nearly unobtainable. If you're young, enthusiastic and not in need of earning a living, you could do humanity a favor by assembling and arranging for the reprinting of much of this hidden material. There's probably a degree in it for you as well.

Maybe Bill Gates can help. ( Does he lurk here?).

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Boccherini is facinating. His music is almost always recognizably his own.

He was obviously prolific (Like Vivaldi in that respect?) and probably underperfomed.

Doesn't ever seemd to hav been in total favor as a composer of choice?

For chamber music players too his string combinations are great.

Two cellos, two violas, etc....

Most libraries, as you say, will have something but a lot either remains

unpublished or unavailable it seems.

His cello writing is demanding. I had fun arranging his Fandango for sting sextet

and we loved playing it.

You may be interested to see this:

Bocchrini complete works

Seems only a few volumes are as yet available.

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Interestingly, I was sent (no charge) a set of B' quartets not so long ago. No cover note or compliment slip, just out of the blue!!

I can see if there are any opus (type) numbers.......haven't unwrapped them yet.

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45 volumes @ 190 Euros comes out to about $14000. A bit stiff, but the great thing is that it will exist and be more or less available.

Thanks for the heads-up, Omobono. Despite the price, this is excellent news.

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Thanks for the replies. It appears that these works are yet another

example of "unobtainiium".  I appreciate Omobono's comments

and link. Sadly the cost at this time will make the works largely

the venue of large libraries having  respect for this type of


 It has never been clear to me why so many

17th-19th century works go unpublished while others are so

over published. If there is profitablity in any of this type of

music I would seem that there would be something to be gained in

all of it. Meanwhile the cultural blow of autograph works

languishing in  unreachable libraries, often becoming lost, is


Despite the outward appearance of a large volume of

published chamber works, when the time comes to play them it

becomes apparent that there are never enough selections for the

seemingly infinte combinations of instruments. Additions such as

those Omobono mentions would be most welcome.

 Bob's point is well made-we would all do well if

editing a set of works would suffice as graduate work-I am not sure

if legal issues, or "protective" libraries are part of the problem.

When I lived in Rochester, despite the founder of the Eastman

libraries mandate, the music library made it almost impossible for

"townies" to use the music library much less copy anything.

Thanks All,


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Originally posted by:

   It has never been clear to me why so many

17th-19th century works go unpublished while others are so

over published.


I'm not sure which works or composers you feel are over published?

Are you thinking Beethoven, Mozart, and co.?

There are surely many leser known composers whose music is worth

hearing and performing.

Some smaller publishers like Merton Music specialize in this area.

Merton music

The IMSLP site was another source where I found a a lot of lesser known works

many from the later part of 19th century. It is now defunct due to copyright issues.


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Omobono- THANKS for the pointer to Merton. I am

certainly not the best web-searcher and I have likely overlooked

several small publishers (such as Bruder) that cater to lesser

known/published works. It would be nice if we could build a

publishers index for strings here in  the Maestro library


 I will undoubtedly spend some time this evening

perusing the Merton Catalog.

Re IMSLP, I had, fortunately download much of their material before

it was closed-legal material I believe. I like playing Viola on the

Hoffmeister duets that were there, and probably would never have

found them otherwise.

My comment on "over published" was simply a reflection that when

one searches on  works like Corelli Op 5, or the Bach Partitas

for violin literally hundreds of editions show up. Search upon the

Hoffmeister viola duets for example, and nothing will show. I

certainly am not implying that having a selection of editions is

not valuable, esp. for advanced players.

Thanks Again-


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Here's a site you may want to check out.

It lists quite a few Boccerini quartets available

(possibly mainly facimiles?)


Saul Groen


Boccherini, L. 9 Quartets; ed. Hofmann in parts:

Boccherini, L. 3 Quartets; ed. in study score by Polo:

Boccherini, L. 6 Quartets op.2

Boccherini, L. 6 Quartets op.8

Boccherini, L. 6 Quartettini op.33

Boccherini, L. 6 Quartettini op. 53

Boccherini, L. 6 Quartets op. 58 (1799)

Boccherini, L. 2 Quartets op.64 in F and D

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 Thanks for the additional information Re Groen. I will

probably order a few of the quartets in due time.

I just wanted to mention that my scores from Merton (that you sited

earlier in this post) arrived today, after less than 10 days.

I bought several obscure quartets along with duets for 2 violins

and violin with viola. We played several of the duets tonight and

were very happy. This is exciting and I REALLY appreciated your

lead. Merton's US representative was very pleasant to deal with and

I commend them for what I consider an important contribution to

"classical"  music.

Cheers and thanks again-


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