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Age of SCHWEITZER vioin


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Yes, as far as I know the practical and original reason for pins is for alignment - depending on the method of construction and assembly.

That your violin has a crack at the pin does not surprise me. Not that it is inevitable, but I can well imagine than under certain circumstances this may happen.

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That Schweitzer copy could be the twin of mine, except for the black inlay on the button (and mine doesn't have the wear--obviously sat unplayed in someone's closet for a long time). My dealer suggested 1880-1900 for the age, but I understand a lot of these were made over a long period in Markneukirchen. I have heard that these can sound good but I found mine to be harsh, although with a good amount of volume. It had a small (3mm or so) saddle crack that was stable for years but opened up after a period of low humidity; never sounded as good after the repair (but it never sounded that great beforehand). -Steve

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the "Johann Baptist Schweitzer ... 1813" label was really a kind of wall paper label in the late 19th ct. Saxony - mass produced and so found in thousands of violins today.

i do not believe that much care was taken in the selection of instruments that received the "Schweitzer" label and so these instruments are most likely not really comparable just because they share the same fake label.

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