An interesting violin sold on eBay

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O.K. the last one I posted had too much of a resemblance to a factory fiddle for some.... This one is more interesting to the naked eye, now what do you make of this? Unfortunately I am unable to use the EditLive for Java on this Mac it seems. Yes, no maybe...Johannes Varotti 1798: And here one with an American label that I think is German(Victor Carol Squier):

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I don't trust the format and the yarn that goes with it, six violins bought at an estate sale, but not a violin expert, no returns, no feedback to speak of. I've seen this exact format innumerable times in the last ten years, but usually with Italian labels. So I think it is German because it doesn't look Chinese, but then again, the scroll looks Czech.

the Varotti might be a good copy, grafted scroll, abrasion in the treble C bout, stuff like that. Who knows.

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