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How many hours have you practiced in your entire life?


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According to the "http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9D00E1DC1F3DF932A25753C1A962958260&sec=&pagewanted=all">

article, the world class soloists practiced more than 10,000

hours by the age of  20.  They started to study the

instrument at an average of 5 years old.  Have you counted how

many hours you have practiced since you've started?


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(10000 hours / 15 years)/ 365 days = 1.8 hours per day.

Actually I am a little surprised. I would expect that they practice

longer but probably talented people can do better with less.

 I had  a violin teacher who claimed that while preparing

for her jury exams, she practiced 6 to 8 hours/day and developed

tendonitus. I have known a few other professionals who claimed this

much practicing at least during part of their careers.



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I was an adult beginner at age 49, I've just finished my 4th year, and averaging out the seasons I practice about an hour a day. So maybe I have 1400 hours of practice so far.

Pieces I am working on:

The Girl with the Flaxen Hair (Hartmann arrangement)

Bach Partita #2 Sarabande and Gigue.

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Originally posted by:
10,000 hours is a

figure that has been mentioned here before (by Andrew Victor) as

some kind of a rough estimate of what it takes to train a player to

high level of nastery of the instrument.

That's exactly where I am currently:  A high level of nastery.

(g)  but I'm working on it.

Couldn't tell you how many hours total.  too much math


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Sonnichs, when a child starts violin lessons, he/she will probably start practicing for anywhere from 15 - 30 minutes in the beginning, then gradually increase the amount of practice time. Therefore, one will most likely practice 3 - 4 hrs a day when they are older, I'm assuming.

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I'm feeling grumpy so this may sound more testier than it is meant to be but... practise what and for what reason? Obviously, one practises a tremendous amount prior to ..doing something.. performing in front of people, trying out for something etc.. Then one practises an amount for ones own satisfaction and improvement - a friend who is a concertmaster in a small scandinavian orchestra does not practise 3-4 hours a day when not working on something. Obviously, if one wants to practise for 4 hours a day, one should. But a child, even an older one, should not (just my opinion) be encouraged to practise 4 hours a day on a regular basis for the sake of a theoritical career in a non-existent profession.

Just in a bad mood after a long day at my non-existent profession.

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Rutherford, I hope you get a good sleep This 10000 hrs is based on the world class soloists, I guess. In order to reach to that level, these people spent around that much time developing thier skills. But I'm sure once you reach that level, you probably don't have to spend hours and hours, but spend enough time to keep their skill level and learn new pieces (?) unless of course you want to.

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