Nice Looking Old Violin sold on eBay

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It's another good buy by pknorr. He gets burned now and then but has a good eye for spotting ebay violins that have profit potential with better marketing in another venue. This one may show up in a violin shop all set up and ready to play with a story about its most likely origin based on real expert knowledge and experience.

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"I think excessive artificial wear is being mistaken for real wear "

So true. I was looking at an ebay dealer from Bulgaria and his wear marks on the back of his scrolls have file marks. Doncha just hate it when you buy a 'true' antique to find out that the previous owner carried a 12 inch bastard file in his fiddle case ? Man, I hate it when that happens.

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I'm not really sure if those file marks are really bad copying. I can think of one old brecian violin (made by a person trained in the old cremona school) that had wear on the back of the scroll that looked like someone had taken a rasp to it. I didn't like the look of it but maybe the Bulgarian was copying a violin like the one I saw.

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