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Jeny Mahon

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I think I remember seeing the violin at Tarisio. It looked like a nice violin but went a bit beyond my price. He isn't listed in Wenberg or Henley, not that it means much. I have seen his violins before also so he must be fairly prolific as indicated by the number on the label.

I prefer to find the best condition possible in American violins. There are some pristine things out there and the best are always worth a premium price. Of course the current price of $122 is unrealistic, but I would rather spend more for perfect, than have to look at that big 'ol crack. Now a big 'ol crack like that isn't a big deal on a 200 year old thing, but on a 100 year old violin, I like to see it look pretty and fresh.

Here's the problem. You pay a premium for a mint thing, use it a lot, and it develops a crack (arggghhh!). Well, unless you get a real artist to repair it, which costs plenty, there goes the premium you paid for mint.


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He was active from the 1890's to 1920's. His son Drew worked with him. Total output about 700 instruments. I see one occasionally in Kansas City. His best instruments sold for $300 in the Teens, but he also sold imported and reconstructed violins for $25 to $75. I don't know the differences in how they were labeled. Also made some violas and cellos.

By 1927 Drew Collingwood's "De Luxe" violins were bringing as much as $500.

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Thanks for all the info everybody! I was just curious, and wondered what it might go for on Tarisio 3 years later now that American fiddles are all the rage! Yeah, that crack is not pretty... at least whoever tried to "fix" it didn't mess up the varnish too bad. I have to slow down on buying fixer-uppers otherwise I'd try and get this one cheap and have my buddy fix it up for me. Unfortunately I've already got oh, about fifteen fixer uppers!!

Ah well!

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