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No matter what, you are entitled to have a certificate that describes your purchase accurately. Of

course photos are not the only means to make it accurate. The stamp photo helps.

Before you lift the cover use hair dryer warm it first. It makes it less likely lifting the varnish.

Protective cover should not be glued on??(for what)?

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Don't lift it (protective cover). Better don't do anything. It looks like a pa rt of the wrap

(If you did not put it there). Let the guy who glued it there, lift it. I still don't know what it for?

PS. I have tried new bows with protective covers. They are thin transparent plastic.

protecting scratches, nothing like leather.

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Here is my advise: call Paul Childs in Montrose, New York. Explain the problem, and ship the bow to him. He will be able to tell you whether your bow is a Jules Fetique bow, and if so, he will write a certificate for a few hundred dollars. Then the discussion whether the certificate you have belongs to the bow becomes irrelevant.

Jaap van Wesel

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Dear Mr.....,

It was by chance that a colleague just e mailed me saying that he saw some discussion concerning the Jules Fetique violin bow that you bought from us recently. This is the first that I heard that you had some questions about the bow or certificate. After looking at the photos I see what the problem is.

In December we had 2 very nice Jules Fetique violin bows which we were offering for sale. After trying various bows at our shop and then at your home you chose the Jules Fetique Exposition. When you came in to complete the purchase we discussed protecting the handle from perspiration and wear. This bow was in my personal collection for some years and prior to that it was with another collector who had it for quite some time as well. This is why it was and still is in such pristine condition.

Some shops put on clear (packing) tape and some use thin leather. The clear tape doesn't seem to last as long and occasionally can feel slippery in the hand. We decided to put on leather for increased protection and a better grip and feel

We installed the leather on the handle using diluted water soluble glue. If you decide to have it removed please have a qualified shop moisten it and lift it off gently and carefully so as not to damage or pull up any original finish from the bow.

Our shop took photos of both Jules Fetique bows at the same time. The bow that you have with you is the same one that you tried out and purchased however 2 of the photos on the certificate which you received afterwards are of the other Fetique. I will reissue the certificate using the correct photos.

Please keep in mind that we stand behind what we sell. Concerning your Jules Fetique bow, if you are not satisfied of course you may return it for a full refund.

The photo mix-up was our mistake and for that I apologize. I'll do what I can to correct it.

Please feel free to contact me directly. If I happen to be out of the shop leave a message and I'll call back.


Jay Ifshin

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As I mentioned in my previous posting, this particular Jules Fetique exposition bow was in my personal collection for some years. Therefore it was not included in our regular shop inventory listings.

Exposition bows by Jules Fetique or for that matter any other top level early 20th century French bowmaker especially in pristine condition don't appear very often.


Jay Ifshin

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