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Vuillaume for Sale, straight from Grandma's Attic

Jeny Mahon

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Now, I know I've seen this fiddle before, I recognize it from somewhere. Can anybody tell me where this photo is from? It's obviously professional..... and I'm thinking a starving college student selling off Grammy's fiddles wouldn't quite have that kind of budget.

At any rate, it appears to be a gigantic scam, and yet 9 people have bid on it already!

Good Times!


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Gee whiz! Those photos are lifted right off the Brobst site. Obviously an amateur crook, but try to report the fraud to eBay? Nothing doing, their form doesn't cover it! eBay should be sued. It's like they're in league with pick pockets at a flea market, as they take their percentage. This crook could pocket the money and vanish, only to re-appear under another user id. The ignorant buyer is unprotected, and may never recover the money. 'Buyer beware' is one thing, but the marketplace should be safe. Sub prime indeed.

I had a friend that got scammed on eBay from some dealer in Australia for some thousands, but as he was a known v. dealer, she recovered the money with the help of more reputable people in the business, (there are a couple). But she would have lost all if eBay was all she had to rely on.

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Wow! Yeah I totally didn't expect Ebay to get around to doing anything for at least 48 hours. My plan was to call Brobst and let him know so he could send a scathing email to the seller and Ebay at the same time. Turned out his shop was closed yesterday so I sent the scathing email to Ebay myself thinking the listing would still be there today, but to my surprise the listing was removed within an hour or two. I imagine whatever information the seller used in the listing or gave to Ebay was also fake, and most likely any scathing emails to them would have gone to fake email addresses and bounced.

It's just very annoying because A) Ebay wouldn't help track them down and :) Even if they did all the info is fake anyway. They obviously don't care about things like this happening, because if they did they'd have some sort of procedure in place to make sure that seller and buyer information was legit.

But hey, they're just the middleman, right??


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Good one, reepicheep.

Of course, the only reason Ebay did anything at all is because you

made them aware of absolute proof of fraud.  I.e. copied

pictures.  Legally, once they are aware of this, they are

implicit in the deception if they don't do something.

In all other cases, as you point out, they back up the crooks in

every way tey can.  It's truly unbelieveable.

-And BTW, Paypal is worse.  I don't have time for the whole

story, but I recently spent about $700 and countless hours PROVING

to Paypal that I was defrauded.  They agreed, accepted my

claim (after all sorts of mis-direction emails, stalls, last-minute

changes and requirements, etc, like you wouldn't believe.)

And the result? I still never got refunded, even after they

approved my claim. I have three Paypal representatives RECORDED ON

TAPE blatantly lying to me about their claims policies. One of

these reps is a senior employee.

As this case involves a serious amount of money, I am persuing this

further (their state Attorney General's office, etc) but it will

likely be another massive waste of time & money.

Bottom line:  Someone can sell you a certified Strad on Ebay,

send you a pet rock, and get away with it.

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I once bought a certified pet rock on eBay and got a Strad.

Sorry about the levity and I hope you are successful with your Paypal battle. I have heard nightmares and also heard the execs from Paypal at eBay live! admit the problems exist and commit to solving them.

Whether that was all just rhetoric or not, I can't tell. It did give me the warm and fuzzies.


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