Bassbar fitting frame users: How do you support the top?

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I clamp the inside surface of the top rim to the aluminum frame with small C clamps, padding the outside surface with cardboard. The spindles of the clamps are on the top side, not the frame side, so the whole assembly rests on the clamp spindles. The top is only supported around the rim where it is clamped to the frame; the arch hangs below unsupported. I'll try to take a picture to show you.

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I usually use small plastic spring clamps with leather padded jaws to hold the top to the frame. There's a picture in the "What's in the Shop" section of my website. The number of clamps can vary, but I use at least 8. I do sometimes use small C clamps or small 4" squeeze type bar clamps if I want to make it stand up on "legs"

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Matt, the one you made for me works great. Why don't you do the same. I acturally don't need that many wing nuts; I also replace the aluminum piece with thicker maple (the aluminum piece tends to catch on the thread of the screw). I don't tension the bar nowadays, therefore don't use it for installing bassbar, but I keep the top plate clumped while not working on it to keep the plate edge flat.

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