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In my location, shipping violins via USPO Priority Mail was reasonable and the only convenient method. My usual packing method has been bubble wrap and a box that measures 28" x 12" x 6". The violins in question have been in the under $2,500.00 category and I have never had any problems, damage, or loss in over 10 years. This type of shipping(not including materials) was usually between $8 and $15 in the lower 48 states using Priority Mail. Now the cost can easily be over $26.00. The funny thing is that Express Mail for the same 3# package is money back guaranteed to be delivered in 2 days, includes delivery confirmation, and free $100 insurance(more cost extra) for 24.50.

Does any one have suggestions? I no longer have a commercial storefront and don't ship enough to warrant commercial pick up costs.

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It sounds like you are being charged for an oversized parcel. Your parcel is not oversize because combined length and girth are under 84 inches, but when I use USPS website to calculate, you will get two different rates depending upon your selection of either "package" or "large package".

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The USPS rates have definitely gone up for violin size packages -- nearly double what they were a couple years ago. It's very important to pay attention to the package size. Over 84 really kicks up the cost. But if you're sailing close to the wind on size, it really matters who you get at the Post Office to do the measuring. Thanks for the tip on Express Mail.

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I just shipped a violin to Thailand from California, Express mail

with $3000 insurance, insurance is much cheaper with Express mail

compared to Priority, and this ends up making Express cheaper, I

think it was under $100 to Thailand plus the size limit for

Priority is 84" for Express its 108" big difference, I don't know

where you get the figure of $600insurance max for USPS, Ive had no

trouble getting $3000, and I think they go up to $5000 insurance

possible, USPS is much cheaper than Fed Ex on international, I

think its faster too, sincerely Lyndon

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Originally posted by:
Wm. Johnston

I think that the $600 maximum on the insurance with USPS is only applied to packages sent to certain countries. I know Italy is on that list. From what the woman at the counter told me this went into effect about half a year ago.

Not only is every country different, but if you insure a package to a foreign country with the USPS, the maximum amount they will reimburse for loss or damage is less than the amount you insure for. Their computer will tell you this amount after all the other info is entered; you can probably also run an example on their website (though I haven't checked).

I think most of the counter people don't mention this because it is so crazy and inexplicable.

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