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Feds arrest concert violinist for defrauding dealers, collectors


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Thought this article from the SF Chronicle might be of interest. Young guy, apparently a very good violinist, allegedly took instruments from collectors to sell on commission then disappeared, also stiffed at least one well-known dealer here on a big repair bill. Since he apparently had aspirations to become a concert soloist, I don't understand how he expected to keep a low profile!

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The article mentions that the person arrested also had sold on ebay, but it didn't include ebay fraud among the charges. (He should have stayed in a safe market.) However, there was an ebayer working out of San Francisco a couple years back -- a steady supply of beautiful violins for ridiculously low prices and many many complaints. I wonder if that was him.

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Some violinists cannot let go a violin. Each one (violin) has its own personality and one can quickly becomes an obsession

of having this and that. We all are a bit crazy. How often we are not indulging ourselves to own a fantastic instrument

which we cannot possibly afford. As if once we had the instrument the good sound will flow like a river. Dreaming. Beautiful dream.

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