Flame orientation on back?

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Hi All; I have noticed that on two piece maple backs the flame apex is usally toward the neck. Is this aesthetically critical or is this a personal preference on the part of the maker? On a project I'm working on I have reversed this because of a flaw in the wood.It occured to me later that this might not be acceptable. Thanks in advance for your responses, Henry

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There are some conventions regarding the continuation of the back flame into the sides...that the flame should continue its general inclination "around the corner" so to speak-- if it was flowing down, for example, it should continue at roughly the same angle or general direction, anyway.

Beyond that it is a matter of taste, I think. Incidentally, when one makes the continuous ribs, that maintain the same slope all the way around, then obviously, the slope will match the back on one side and not the other, in the case of a bookmatched back, and non-bookmatched ribs. I'm really not convinced it is that important, as long as it is not just random....

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Of course, this rib/back figure continuation idea is meaningless in a Cremonese context, where often the figure on the ribs would be in the same direction right around. So, at least on one side of the instrument this matching up with the back regarding direction will be impossible.

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