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Wow.. this is one hard to find movie. None of the obvious suspects have it, there does not appear to be a single copy in Norway (at least not at a public institution), Indiana University does not own a copy, Amazon UK lists only the unavailable soundtrack. The French distributor listed in the write up doesn't seem to still have it (but I don't speak French and can't poke around too effectively). The nationale bibliotheque (forgive my French) seems to have 2 copies but one is not kept in Belgium. .. On the other hand, Bertha Thomas wrote a novel in 1880 called The Violin Player and Leslie Thrain penned something deemed an irregular poem titled The Violin Player in 1889. Both are in the British Library. Let me know if someone finds an actually circulated film copy.

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Now that my daughter is learning the Sonatas and Partitas, I went and bought her the Tognetti's recording, only to be told by my daughter that he violin is tuned to the baroque pitch - i.e. a semitone lower and it is very annoying to her................................ The style of playing is good and I enjoyed listening to it (since I cannot tell that it is one semitone lower). She refused to listen to it.

Any of the other recommended recordings (especially James Ehnes) is recorded in the baroque pitch?

I thought I would ask before spending more money...........

Incidentally, she really likes the Hahn's recording but it is incomplete.



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As I quickly flipped through the answers here, I did not see this one:

SERGIU LUCA- He was one of the pioneers in using authentic instruments (e.g. Baroque violin and bow) for recording, which gives it a very different feel from the earlier artists. His S. & P. set came out on Vinyl in the late 70's, which I have, but they've been put on CD now too. I was researching them recently.

Being a Baroque lover, his was the one I loved the most!


I had the opportunity to play in a workshop orchestra accompanying him in about 1974. And then, heard him again in '78. He was good friends with my teacher. I loved what he did with BAch!

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Well, I have not taken the time to read through all of the threads here, but this is how I would rate my copies (and please fogive me if I butcher the spelling of some the names here):

1. Milstein - 1950's set

2. Szeryng

3. Grumiaux

4. Hahn (though her Chaconne is right at the top with Milstein, and her style makes is hard to put her up against some of the others as many approach Bach's Sonatas and Partitas as a tour de force of sorts, whereas Hahn takes a more reflective approach, despite her ability to light a fire, and I respect her for having done so)

5. Milstein - 1970's set (tough call, sometimes this one trades places with the 1950's set)

6. Menuhin

7. Perlman

8. Enescu

9. Schroder

10. Heifetz

11. Kremer

Kremer's interpratations are too far from the accepted norm for my ear. Heifetz takes a romantic approach, which speaks of his early training and experiences with his teacher, Auer, but he as well strays too far from what I consider to be a proper interpretation of the works. I also have a CD of Joachim playing some of the pieces from Bach, and it is quite interesting to hear him play.

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