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To tell you the truth it would take me a long while to get used to

the look of the scroll. Why the tongue stuck out.

At second thought: it has historical significance. In that period of time, evil spirits were

all over. Such head would scare off those bad spirits. Sweetness would result. It has its points.

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This gargoyle head is a bit of nonsense, Its called a Lion's head

no matter how you want it to be a gargoyle, Lion's heads were

carved in such a way that they resembled a gargoyle maybe, there is

nothing different about youre Lion's head to call it a gargoyles

heads no matter what European experts youve talked to, the Lion's

head design supposedly goes back to Jacob Stainer but some modern

experts think Stainer didn't use it, anyhow a lot of Stainer copies

dating back to the 1700s have Lion's heads, by the 1800s they were

generally seen on cheaper fiddles, yours might be a cut above the

bottom but not too far, sincerely Lyndon

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