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Help with some fiddle music


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I'm looking for good sources for the following songs, and I'm finding a lot of conflicting information depending on what I look at.

The King's Reel

The Old King's Reel

King George the IVth

King George the Vth

That last one in particular I'm coming up blank on everywhere.

Buddy and Natalie MacMaster play all but the last on their duet CD. Ashley MacIsaac plays all the above on Fine Thank You Very Much.

Many of the sources I've been searching out say that they're the same tune...but clearly they're not.

Help would be appreciated!


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Have you heard of the Potomac Valley Scottish Fiddle Club? They put out music periodically for a fee. They have a King George IV and a King George V, both different tunes.

King George V is listed as being from: Dunlay's Violin Msic of Cape Breton 39

Have not had time to listen to see if that's what Ashley MacIssac plays on Fine Thank you Very Much.

I'm pretty sure that they have rules against sharing the music, so I will give you the last address I had for Potomac Valley Scottish Fiddle Club and maybe you could contact them and see if you could get the music from them?

Potomac Valley Scottish Fiddle Club

c/o Becky Ross

9200 Brink Rd.

Gaithersburg, MD 20882

I'll look on the web and see if I can find the music, besides, that I could send you a link to.

Yankee Fiddler

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That one on The Session is one of the sources that was confusing me...it doesn't look a lot like what's on the CD.

I can't find any "authoritative" tunebooks outside of The Dungreen Collection that have this song. Too bad that book is out of print.

The problem with using some CDs as a reference is that the tunes are in wildly different sources, and even engines like "JC's tunefinder" don't reliably come up with results.

Oh well.

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Not to keep bumping my own thread, but by way of starting...

I currently own Jerry Holland's Second Collection, as well as a binder full of stuff I printed from the numerous ABCs available.

I'm looking to purchase Skye soon, and probably The Scottish Violinist. Likely Jerry Holland's First.

However, what do you think of this book? Scottish Fiddler's Session Tunebook.

Please take a look and tell me what you think. There are honestly quite a bit of songs that I'm interested in contained in that one book, but I'm always open to suggestions.


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I have never seen that particular book, so it's hard to say, but it does have a nice listing of a lot of tunes that I know, and many I don't. Seems to be a mixture, with some Irish tunes as well as lots of Scottish tunes. If there are a lot of tunes you have been looking for in the book, it looks like it would be a nice resource.

"That one on The Session is one of the sources that was confusing me...it doesn't look a lot like what's on the CD."

I have found that usually it's pretty hard to find a written copy that is exactly like a tune I have found on a CD. I just use the printed music as a sort of road map and it helps me to learn the version I have been listening to a little easier. The pro's usually play with lots of variations, or have put their personal twist on the tune.

Best wishes with your fiddling.

Yankee Fiddler

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Hello. Didn't we have this conversation once before? It sounds very familiar... At any rate, after much searching I recently found a copy of the out-of-print DunGreen Collection so looked this up there. The one in the DunGreen collection listed as King George (V) is the one posted on The Session, but according to Kate, different fiddlers know it under different names. The version in DunGreen is from the playing of Alex Gillis, and he simply called it "King George" as did Joan MacDonald Boes, Willy Kennedy and Mary MacDonald. However Carl MacKenzie recorded it under the name "Old King George Strathspey", Buddy MacMaster recorded it as "Old King's Strathspey"; Brenda Stubbert recorded it as King George V, and Natalie MacMaster recorded it as King George (V)! Not sure this answers your question but I hope it's of some help! -Steve

Oh, meant to mention, Banzai, if you'd like a scan of the relevant pages from DunGreen, PM me with your e-mail address. -Steve

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Originally posted by:

However, what do you think of this book?

I took a look at the index and it has a large number of tunes that commonly get played around here in sessions and for dances; it would probably be a good resource to have if you don't have other sources for those tunes. I've heard mixed reviews on the Taig Na Teud books but the one of theirs that I own, Traditional Scottish Fiddling, is well-done and I recommend it to anyone who's learning Scottish fiddling--it comes with a CD which is very useful. You might find more information on the tunebook at Taig Na Teud's website here. -Steve

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We most certainly did have an iteration of this conversation before...the Tullochgorum that you put on Sibelius for me was priceless. Great fun.

At the very end of my last thread, I asked about the tunes that start this. You had recommended them, and I'd heard them on numerous CDs. It's the proper sourcing, along with "which tune is really which" that I was left confused by.

So, I kicked up an old dead topic, essentially. Just seeking some clarification. Your posts for these songs in the old thread were pretty informative, but I had just found so many contradictions that I was seeking some confirmatory answers.

I'll likely PM you at some point.


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