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Post images of favorite scrolls?


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Hi Dean

Nice post....My real favorites are pre Nicolo...... Amati scrolls.

 I like but do not love Strad scrolls Other scrolls I love are

the Del Gesu 'Leduc' some Ruggeri cello heads and whacky Gaspars or

Testories.....Fiorini is nice for me too. Devine perfection or

whacky is my preference...nothing in the middle ground apeals

Here's a Papa Amati image I have to hand..not the best but....

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Originally posted by:
Quite a nice scroll

Jeffrey! Hi Melving! I'm tempted by the Leduc model... but I think

it's difficult to make a new looking instrument based on this



Yes I think you are right!....but it would beinteresting to see it

done or to attempt it!

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I love the "neck graft" on that one!

-That raises the possibility for a few related threads:

Most finely-executed neck graft.  (The fiddle in Jeffery's pic

would be a strong contender, heck it wins for most unobtrusive

bushings as well)

Most POORLY-executed neck graft on a fine instrument.

AND, OF COURSE: Most ridiculous looking fake


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Originally posted by:
Jeffrey Holmes

Well done iburkard ... but some threads just end up taking on a life of their own.

Jeffrey, the marks around the top of this scroll look like intentional distress marks. I do not know if this is a Strad scroll, it looks too new, but very nice in any case.

But, in your opinion, do you believe that the old makers, even Strad, did a small amount of distressing? To me, some Strads seem to also have been shaded even when new. Old instruments were already valued at that time, and I am wondering if Strad may have made a concession to the public. Modern makers certainly do not make what they always want. Carl Becker and his father are the only exceptions that come to mind.

It would be interested to find the views of the other members on this point also.

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