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anyone going to bid???


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My expertise, of course, can only be measured using negative numbers, but the narrowness of the body, the upright f-holes, and the mingy upper back corners on this fiddle look "funny" to me, compared to other GGdG fiddles whose photos I've seen. But perhaps that's just my middle-aged memory betraying me again. I was going to timidly and in a very small voice ask whether everyone else thinks this is really a dG (documentation aside), but that Manfio also apparently has doubts makes me feel MUCH better about asking.

Does everyone agree that this is a real dG, regardless of documentation?

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Id like to know how many other Filius Andrea/del Gesu instruments are described as such.Ive seen Filius Andrea violins going for under 100 K GBP,i think a more recent appraisal would be more appropriate for an item like this and why hasnt one been sort from Beares ,etc...It would surely add to the value or justify the

present auction estimate.

There hasnt been any Del Gesus up for auction for a good few years that im aware of ,i think this even if showing more the style of his father ,may still go a bit higher than the current estimate.

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I went to Christie's on Sunday with a friend who is also a player. There was a real professional who was trying out the "high-end" violins, including the del Jesu in the glass case by itself. To me, it looked more like an Amati than a del Jesu. It is much prettier in person than in the photos. The sound is not like an Amati, however. Of all the violins we tried, I liked the Testore (lot 250) the best. It was very open and clean. Its downside is inked-on purfling on the back. You can tell from the photo where the ink is missing from the bottom of the back.

There weren't many people at Christie's which made it a really good trip for us. The only downer was that we didn't check whether Tarisio was open before we went to Tarisio.

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