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I bought a 3/4 violin - Breton Brevete


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I recently bought a 3/4 size violin labelled Breton Brevete. Those two words are arranged like an inverted V. At the bottom of the label is DE S.A.R.Me. The insignia shows a crown above a pair of oval plates (tilted inward) on a shelf. I imagine it is a factory violin, although it is fairly well made and seems to have a nice tone. The neck seems a tad short, even for a 3/4 size. I know that others have asked about Breton Brevete instruments on this forum. I am wondering when it was made. The color is yellowish brown (or maybe brownish yellow).

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I recently bought a 3/4 Breton Brevete online but sadly the violin has really been through the wars.The restorer was positive about it and once the top had come of it displayed poor restoration from a previous time which needs to be done again.Fingers crossed it will be fully restored and money well spent.


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