Phi everyone!

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Phinally! Now everyone can follow the golden ruler.

I just finished reading a new book called the Fabulous Fibonacci Numbers. Of course it also offers elucidation of the Golden Ratio. I must confess I have read mathematics popularizations that were written much more eloquently. However, it presents a large array of examples (new and old) where Fibonacci numbers manifest in our world.

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Darren, I agree with you there. Using metric, though, implies that one knows how to do math.

Still, whatever system you work with, it's a very elegant device. If you need to find the actual length after you've drawn the longer line, you need only turn it over and use the real scale. You don't even need to do that going the other way.

Easier than a compass, and much cheaper and more reliable than a calculator.

Beautiful. I want one in 6", one in 12", maybe one in 19.416"...

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