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Marble violin

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I just finished reading the todays newspaper and I found out about this guy, I hope someone will find it interesting or at least amusing:


The violin is a bit heavy (4kg), the newspaper article said the body is 0,5mm! thick (probably only at some places).

He also made a guitar (6kg) and a boat, with which he sailed twice across the river Vlatava in Prague.

The instruments are said to work. Soloists that are quite well known here (I personaly am not very fond of these two particular soloists - Svecený, Rak) use them on concerts sometimes.

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Thats pretty interesting.

I don't think thought that it will ever become a choice alternative material. The Marble looks cool, but it is very brittle and what would be the possibilities or repairing a broken marble violin? But I am not a marble worker so I wouldn't know.

Hopefully they can decrease the weight of it, because where it is now I wouldn't even manage a symphony with it! I wish there were some sound clips for it though so we could all hear it play.

I have heard of the glass violin but not this! Thanks for sharing.

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Let me just say clearly, that I by no means meant seriously that marble could ever become an alternative to wood in violinmaking.


P.S. I myself do not find these experiments that interesting, it is just that I thought this migh be something new for some of the members and visitors to this forum.

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