How do you glue the Label?

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My label is hand printed from a block, one at a time. A

lithographer friend designed my label and made the block, and

printed up a bunch on acid free rag paper with texture. I put my

date and the number onto each label.

I glue them in with yellow glue. If someone wants to take it out to

do work, they will have to contact me for a replacement..


I have put them in before putting the top on, and after. Doesn't

seem to matter much to me. They sometimes get a tiny bit of varnish

droplets from the brush whisking over the f-hole, but that is kinda

cool looking.

I used to use hide glue, and when I did, I used an eraser as a

clamp over the label, and a pad against the back too, of


Marilyn Wallin

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I use Franklin liquid hide glue, apply it so it covers 100% of the label and with a tweezers put it through the ff hole and drop it. It always seems to fall glue side down (guess it's heavier on bottom). Then I move it into perfect postion with a little stick, then press it down around the edges, etc.

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I once ran across a news story about people forging autographs in

the memorabilia industry, and so to hamper the crooks, they used

pens that had DNA in the ink.  I think it was cartoonists

Hanna Barbera that was first to use it.

I am sure that if you licked your labels before inserting, that you

would leave enough of your DNA, so that some future admirer of your

work will be able to clone you, and then make a violin making slave

out of your clone.  Of course if you don't use yellow glue,

then this could all be avoided, because your label is apt to switch

violins, and then the would be cloner would end up with someone

else instead.

If you want to really mess with them, get your dog to lick them,

that should do the trick, it did for me, just look.

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Originally posted by:
Ray Lee

So what glue did they use to attach the label in stradivari's day? hide glue?

What is rag paper? is this the same with cotton paper? How i get it?

I'd suppose they used hide glue, or from some other organic source.

Yes, "rag" and "cotton" are synonyms in this case. They used to make paper from old, totally worn out rags that weren't even useful for patches any more. Today, rag/cotton paper is more often made from scraps from the cotton-clothing industry, and rags go into the landfill mostly because of the admixture of polyester and other artificial fibers.

You can get archival quality 100% rag/cotton paper from shops that supply professional artists and museum staff. It needs to be "archival quality", also known as acid- (and other chems) free, so that it'll remain unchanged for at least a few hundred years. You can get it in either "wove" with no patterned surface texture, or "laid" with visible horizontal wire marks from the screens used to lift the pulp from the bath. Wove is modern, laid is the trad style.

Marilyn has a good scheme, and very trad. Printing from a block (Marilyn, is it lino, woodcut, wood engraving, rubber, or what?) is a "letterpress" process that any printer in Stradivari's time would have recognised immediately.

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