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Musafia-like cases


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It looks like it's been a while since a thread about cases has been posted, so after looking through the archives, I thought I'd ask.

I have a Musafia master series case that I was lucky to buy 8 or 9 years ago used for $500. My wife loves it. I would like to suprise her with a nice case, but I can't find used Musafia's (even on their website) for less than $700.

I thought of getting her a new case that is similar like this, but the price is so low, I doubt its quality.

Any suggestions for a nice case for the wife?

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StringWorks is a good company. I'm sure they will answer any questions you have about their cases. Be aware that neither their cases, nor the very fine Bobelock, SHAR, SWstrings, OR the Musafia look-a-likes will have the unique features that make Musafia so special. The non-name Musafia look-a-likes seem to have construction details of the other cases sold for the sdame prices (not the Musafia features) - but they don't have to stand behind any warante like the known sellers do.

Consider carefully if there are case features of other cases that your wife does not have in her current Musafia case. Some of the newer Musafia cases (or the "French and "Semi-French" designs of other makers) have lots of room for holding strings, electronic tuners, Shoulder rests, even soundpost setters, peg dope, and so on. A violinist could pretty much "live out of one of these cases." The Musafia "Salvadore Accardo" or the "Enigma" are examples; the Bobelock 2017 is different design with similar (or even more) interior room. (And then there are the "open interior" "Hill" designs, but I prefer a few more compartments inside a case.) But none of these other cases will have that super Musafia (one-hand_ latch or the "pinao hinge" on the interior pockets.

The Musafia dart-shape is reasonably priced, has good Musafia features, and about the smallest external volume and profile of any case I checked out. It's nice when flying or trying to fit into a tight car (or closet).


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Thanks for the suggestons!

Bob, I have been monitoring their site for a few yers - i guess I'm slow to the draw, because everytime I get there, the less expensve ones are taken.

Andrew, The Musafia case I mentioned is mine. She has a now worn out (but served her well) American case company case that is in dire need of replacement. I have offered to have her use my Musafia,but she's never taken me up on the offer.

Do any other case makers use the interior piano hinges? That, to me, is one of the smartest features of the Musafia case. I have cases in the past that wear out the fabric hinge before showing any other forms of wear. I guess I could just install them myself...

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I recently bought a new case from SHAR.  It's a $300

Ambassador case with kind of an odd layout.  The violin lies

at an angle, there are two accessory compartments and it has a nice

cover.  I think it is worth the price, but I wish I had bought

something else.  The hinges and hardware on the accessory

compartments are not that rugged.  I had to put some rubber

tubing on the compartment knobs to make them comfortable to grasp.

 I wish I had bought the Top of the line Continental case or a

Musafia.  Considering how long you have a case they amortize

out pretty cheap, not to mention how cheap they are compared to

your instrument and bows.  I would like to see a case were the

bow compartment is separated from the instrument, or much better

bow spinners that don't get loose.  I will use the Ambassador

with a Cushy Cover for a while and see if I change my mind.


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CB Fidder,

I haven't seen any other cases with the interior piano hinges, including my three Jaegers. My Musafia "Dart" and SA cases do have the brass interior piano hinges. The new Super Leggero Dart case ahs lots of interior space (more than mine) - but that's not what they sold when I bought it 8 years ago. It's worth checking the price on this, if your wife can get along with only 2 bows in her case (mine was about $325 new, but that was when the Euro and Dollar were closer to equal in value). Ecept for the 2-bow limitation, I think you will find this case has more interior space than the Master series you have, since it does not have the waste-space, non-structural buffers that characterizeed all the earlier Musafia cases (and the newer, cheaper Chinese copies).


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I love my Weber case - when I got it about 10 years ago, I looked at the beautiful Musafia cases, but the weight bothered me. The only thing on my Weber that has worn out is the violin bag - I think some of the hooks from the velcro neck holder got it. It has brass hinges (don't know if they're what you're talking about). A beautifully built case, but alas, I heard that Leroy Weber retired a couple of years ago, and I don't know if anyone is making cases like his now.

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