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Ok sorry to dig up this topic again. I'm having a mental block and it frustrates the h... out of me as one diploma on my wall identifies me as a certified computer programmer (ok early '80s).

I use the HTML editor, as the WYSIWYG editor keeps doubling up words for me and has other strange editing behavior. So, usually when I start a post, there is a section at the bottom which adds attachments. I click on it and a dialog box appears with the names of two pictures which I have previously uploaded. I highlight one and click attach, at which point I expect the name of the picture to display in the original attachment field box. But it never does.

Of course now that I am talking about attachments, the posting window used in the news forum shows no option at all for attaching a picture, so I can't experiment here.

I have read all the fancy explanations for attaching pictures including posting them to a different server, but is my logic flawed, or is it really that convoluted to display pictures?

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