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We've got a 1921 Carlo Micelli at home. It's not the most mellow-sounding instrument around, but I think that's the tendency for Micellis. The label is virtually identical to this one. It looks to my un-finely-tuned eye like an overall authentic item. But no one has bid the opening ninty-nine cents. What am I missing?!? (Please be kind!!)


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Most of the recent action on ebay is with the bad buyers who think they can pay very little on ebay for a valuable antique bidding on violins offered by the bad sellers with misleading or outright lying descriptions and fake labels. This seller is offering some good quality factory violins that may sell at a bargain price. That doesn't excite the bad buyers. It's a nice fiddle but the most likely buyer will be someone like pknorr with a snipe bid at the end.

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The label looks like the normal Carlo Micelli (CM) label, but the violin does not look like a CM to me. The CMs I have seen are good 1920s Markneukirchen violins. This violin is either a very low grade CM (if such a thing exists) or completely fake. My best guess is that it's a new Chinese violin with a facsimile CM label.

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The seller has cmdZViewItem ">another violin for sale on the same terms. If he's faking them he doesn't have a good story and he's not very greedy. I think it's just the state of ebay sales right now. The Micelli might be a good buy for the crook who can turn a Markie into a fine old American fiddle.

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Originally posted by:
Taylor's Fine Violins

         Calling this

violin Chinese is giving way too much credit to the Chinese, and I

don't think they deserve a lot of credit, however this guy has only

three feedback, quite  a risk I think that's why the bidding

is so low. sincerely Lyndon

It is a good thing the Chinese makers don't need your approval Lyndon!

Making a broad statement like that only makes you and your shop look bad, be careful.

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Yeah , my shop looks bad because I don't have any Chinese

instruments and you sell a whole bunch of them, going on and on

about cheap Chinese is like Glorifying fake strad label German

stuff, it may do you good buisness, but it doesn't do anything for

me, if my buisiness goes down for not supporting the Chinese slave

labour racket, then so be it, sincerely Lyndon J Taylor

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