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Stephen  Fine

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Summer has just about arrived and with it the Summer Music Festival Season.

I thought I'd say what I was doing (musically, at least) and hear what else we've got going on.

So, from June 30-July 20 I'm going to be playing a bunch of chamber music concerts in northern Italy with the Zephyr Music Festival. Not a particularly long festival, but apparently it's a lot of performance and a lot of rep.

Before that I'll be backpacking through Berlin, Vienna, and Prague.

What are you doing?

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Yeah, no kidding! Sounds like a great trip.

I'm surprised nobody else has contributed to this thread, so I'll chime in to bump it up although my plans aren't too exciting. As a dance fiddler, the Summer is mostly down time for me since most of the groups I play for are on Summer break, so it's a chance to regroup and work on my "chops", hopefully learn some new tunes, etc. I'll probbly fiddle for a few performances at Scottish games, then off to Boston in early August to attend the Boston Harbor Scottish Fiddle School; that'll be my first time in that part of the country and I'm looking forward to it, hopefully getting some time to see the sights as well. I'm looking for venues where I might hear Irish or Cape Breton music there (or orchestral or chamber music for that matter), if anyone has any suggestions...

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yup. You sure do. (I just added you on facebook to clear up who exactly I am). It's weird, after 10 years of quasi-anonymous posting, having someone on the board who's seen me in person. You graduated this year, right? Are you going to be staying in sf? At the conservatory?

Also, I found out about my summer rep. I'm playing Beethoven 59/3, Mendelssohn 8tet (2nd viola!!), and Brahms E-flat duo sonata.

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Our local summer rep theater at the Univ of Virginia is closed this year due to construction. I usually do 1 or 2 shows in the pit there, but not this year. There is another company in town doing The Mikado which I'll be playing for. That's a fun show. I've done it twice before and am looking forward to doing it again.


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I'm taking on a serious study of a hole in my playing. I've signed up with a wonderful professional musician and teacher who will help me take my playing to the 'next' level: to OWN the music I play. Part of it will be spent on a regimen of playing everything with the metronome, recording at weekly intervals, playing as if discussing the music with fluidity and ease, and all under the guidance of a seasoned pro who does 'have it' in performance (crowds throng to the stage after a performance.)

I am so excited about this, I'm already experiencing a 'thrust' of advancement just after the first lesson last Thursday.

This will be the summer I've always wanted.

- Ken

Have fun Lymond, yours sounds fun too.

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