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I agree; I love the shape of a Stratocaster's body and nothing I've yet seen in EVs comes close to that, IMO.

A couple thoughts about the bottom end of the instrument. Looking at the side view, it looks like putting a normal chinrest and a Kun-style shoulder rest on it would result in the playing position being somewhat lower than a standard violin. Maybe that doesn't matter, though? (Ergonomically it might be better...) Second, it looks like those wings would provide a very uncomfortable surface, if not a total lack of support, for anyone who wanted to play the instrument without a shoulder rest! Also regarding the flexibility of the wings and possible propensity for breakage, do they need to be thin and flat? What about adding some sort of rib or making them thicker in the center for more support? I suppose that would add to the complexity of manufacture and it looks like you're trying to avoid that...

All in all, I like this instrument though; it's simple and utilitarian. I'll be interested to hear how you fare with it. Have you thought about doing a 5-string? -Steve

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Hi Steve, On this design, when one uses a standard chin and shoulder rest the playing position height is identical to that of a standard violin. I could and may do another design with more substantial "lower bouts" but in this case I am trying to create a very skeletal aesthetic. You are right, one could not play this instrument without a shoulder rest, far too uncomfortable.

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