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strauzart name change


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I just realized I'm a long time member of maestronet and am trying to reactivate my real identity, but am getting errors. I'll sort it out hopefully.

edit: my goal was to get credit for the original sign-on date, but it is not coming through.

edit: now I have also lost my strauzart data.

Maybe this is what happened to Michael Darnton?

edit: I notice that all the contributions as strauzart are also gone. This was maestronet's admin trying to help me out so I can't fault Mark, but it brings up an interesting point. If someone's identity is deleted, all their posts disappear too. Maybe we should all print out those invaluable tidbits that show up so frequently. Electronic communication is a lot more fragile than we like to believe.

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Search for ghunt (you can do that within the search function... posts by author). Click on the "lock" icon. It will bring up a private message window. Type in your text and hit "send".

If you receive a message, a prompt appears (blue type) in the upper left hand side of the screen under the words "Private Messages". Click on it. I sent you one so you can see what happens.

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This should probably be moved to the Maestronet News forum....

I think you'll find that when you delete an identity (or an identity is deleted by the administration) the posts made under that identity are ever after listed as "anonymous."

This is not a bug, it's a feature.

What you were hoping to do -- move strauzart's stats and messages to Keld Jensen -- is not possible in this software. I had hoped to do the same thing.


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Thanks. Yes I was hoping to merge the two accounts, in part to clean up after myself. What I discovered during the process is that my posts as strauzart (at least those that I checked) were gone, not renamed. I initiated a few topics, responded to others, but I can't find them where they were before, even under a pseudonym.

None of my posts or responses were significant, but many are, and that is why I am playing this out a little more. I have been intrigued by the wealth of information so freely given and described, and hope to use maestronet.com like a database. But it isn't, really. It is a chat room. And if a knowledgeable member leaves and is cancelled by the administration (for lack of memory for instance) then all her/his information appears to be gone too.

Unless it can be clarified otherwise I caution all members to hard copy anything that might be useful in the future and create a reference book for themselves.

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Keld, I hope you get clarification. I'd be very curious to know what the software does.

I am basing my statements on the fact that when a member has been banned by the administration (I can think of three examples) and their usernames deleted (I presume) the actual posts remained in the forum/threads, but the poster name was now anonymous.

You are suggesting that if an individual deletes his user name, the postings themselves vanish. If you don't get a a definitive answer from Mark, we can always run a test and see what happens.

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Originally posted by:

You are suggesting that if an individual deletes his user name, the postings themselves vanish. If you don't get a a definitive answer from Mark, we can always run a test and see what happens.

I'm not suggesting, I'm trying to spell it out loud and clear that I have already inadvertently been part of such test and I am reporting the answer for the benefit and caution of everyone. My posts disappeared as though no one had ever written them. My own topics disappeared, along with everyone's replies. The deletion wasn't initiated by me but by the administrator. Whether or not that makes a difference I don't know and I am not about to find out.

Think about it for a moment, everyone. 9999 posts by Michael Darnton, thousands more by equally talented luthiers and artists. (I don't want to play favourites.) A collection of information, trivia, and personalities possibly more valuable than a library, painstakingly and anecdotally prepared during tens of thousands of hours' typing, all subject to the whims of the internet and its software. Get those printers fired up if you recognize what's in front of you. Not every great violin is a Strad: not every great work of art is a violin.

edit: I can give a bit of insight to the "test results". I posted an article about my dream the other night as strauzart. Searched for it on Google which found exactly one match, linked to Maestronet. But when I tried to open it, the file could not be found!!!!

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I didn't mean to doubt your experience.

I believe you.

In the past, banned users were transformed into anonymous.

I can only presume that the admin who deleted strauzart made a mistake.

I know in another forum software I use (in which I do have admin status) that when you ban a user you have a checkbox that you have to deliberately check in order to also delete the users posts....

I'm surprised we haven't heard from ghunt here. I would also think there is a backup of the database that could be used to restore the vanished posts.

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First off, I did not remove the 'strauzart' account, although Mark may have. I will try to touch base with him tomorrow. Banned user's posts remain (unless explicitly removed), and so the loss of your posts was certainly not intended. I'm going to look at a backup database and see if we can recover them. We have very rarely and only in extreme circumstances removed posts, because certainly we see this as a resource. It is the primary reason that we spent a great deal of time and money processing and recovering the old posts from the original boards (1996 - 1999). Many of those posts are quite literally irreplacable. I will post again when I have more information.

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Thanks Glenn. I already know that Mark initiated the removal of strauzart as a favour to try to get my original entry date back. The wrinkle was that only one email is allowed so he had to remove one or the other which he did on his own initiative. Ideally I had hoped to retain strauzart which is the name of my quartet, but get credit for my original entry date into the forum (which had been under my real name) in earlier, more tame days on the internet. This was as much a security reason as anything else. I note that all posts on Maestronet can be located in a Google search, which is a little too much information when it can be linked directly to a person's name. Let's face it, these posts are very honest and quite revealing, and Google among others does not need to link me directly to such intimacy without the interference of a pseudonym.

The original reason for this post was to test my new stats. I only continued when I realized that something might be wrong internally that the members might be interested in. But further attempts to correct my own membership are now probably best dealt with in PMs and emails. I will touch base there.

It is comforting to know that this appears to be an isolated incident. My admonition remains though. Print out and safely store anything that might be needed in the future. The internet could shut down tomorrow. A later search could be time consuming. Operating systems have a habit of changing. etc.

Here is raw material ready to be mined. Start shovelling.

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