New Wittner-Peg Ultra

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Has anyone tried these new Wittner tuning pegs yet? If so, please tell us about them.

The advert in Strad shows a standard looking peg made from a synthetic material which "has multiple advantages over traditional wooden pegs". Not least of which, is the fact that no "tropical wood" is used.

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Thanks Captain,

it's a pity that the catalogue does not give more information than "high tech"composite material.

Does not say so much. What is interesting is that the peg can be shaped by a normal (standard ) peg shaver. Assuming that my interpretation is correct. Why is it called ULTRA?

Does anyone have more info about this new type of peg?

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I contacted Wittner about the new pegs and peg shaper.  I

inquired about the weight of a 4/4 peg.  Here is the


With pleasure we learned that you're

interested in our pegs and the peg shapers. The weight of


Peg ULTRA for violin 4/4 and 3/4 is

approx. 4,9 g (= 0,0108 lb).


It's unfortunately not possible to buy peg

and peg shaper directly from us, since we supply


only and have already set up our

distribution system in your country.


Therefore we kindly ask you to contact one

of our customers for delivery. Below please find the


of our US-customers carrying the peg and the

shaper (Not all of our US-customers are carrying the


already, since it's really



Eastman Accessories, Inc.  


  Tel. 240-631 1955

8637 Grovemont

Circle  Fax

800-689 1958

USA - Gaithersburg, MD


email: "">





Tel. 410-832 2525



Fax 410-832 2528

USA - Baltimore, Maryland




Summerhays Music


Tel. 801-226 1760

1006 South State


Fax 801-224 2691

USA - Orem, UT


email: "">



Vitali Import Company


Tel. 800-325 8154

13020 Whittier


Fax 562-698 2429

USA - Whittier, Ca


email: "">



We're sure they'll supply you at favourable



In case you need any further assistance

please do not hesitate to contact us again.


Sincerely yours


Wittner GmbH & Co.KG

Sabrina Wittner
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I saw this peg shaver and pegs at the NAMM show earlier this year.

The peg shaver worked extremely well with the synthetic pegs. The

shaver comes with sleeves so that varying sizes of peg shafts can

be shaved. I think the "ultra" applies to the extremely (and I mean

extremely) fine shavings that can be produced when shaving the

synthetic pegs.  The synthetic pegs were nice looking for a

non wood pegs but I doubt anyone would want them on a fine


I did not see the peg shaver used with wooden pegs.

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