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A new CD and a DVD by Ivry Gitlis!


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I just found and bought a new CD and a DVD by Ivry Gitlis. The CD contains all 24 caprices of Paganini that he recorded back in 1976 that has been languishing behind the vault for 30 years! According to the liner notes, Gitlis was originally dissatisfied with the recording and refused to release them, although many of his distinguished friends (including Argerich and Mehta) thought very highly of the recording. They are great performances. Probably one of the best, alongside with Perlman, Rabin, Markov, and Ricci (1949 version). Gitlis takes surprisingly few wild liberties that has been associated with him, but still manages to give a devil-may-care interpretation. He also plays with great charm and humor, especially nos.7, 13 and 21.

The DVD contains performances from 1960s to the early 1970s. Gitlis is in fine form and plays: Tchaikovsky concerto, Wieniawski Caprice-Valse and Polonaise No.1, Elgar La Capricieuse among others. Gitlis' bowing technique is staggering. He probably has one of the fastest(yet VERY clear)up and down-bow staccatos that I have ever seen and has ability to play with the kind of clarity that one would only associates with Heifetz and Milstein.

Both the CD and DVD have not been released in the U.S. (which I find it absolutely scandalous), but they are available in Europe and Japan. If one is an avid Gitlis fan, DON'T MISS these!


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