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Is this an illusion?


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These 2 pics are from a current eBay auction listing. One angle seems to look o.k., but the other looks like the neck is twisted or warped. Is this just an illusion created by the camera angle, or is there something here a potential buyer should be concerned with?

Thanks for any comments. Ron

I'll post the pics below in 'replys', as I am unable to attach them in 'new topics'

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This doesn't pertain to the original question but what the heck is

that chin rest attachment on the back side.  Extends to the

middle of the violin lower bout.  Looks like it would scratch

the violin and can't think of why it would be necessary.  Is

this an old or different type?  Thanks.

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The makers stamp on the bridge is supposed to be toward the

tailpiece this is because you leave the back side of the bridge

flat, and thin extensively the other side facing the fingerboard,

what Michael is talking about is the bridge is higher on the treble

side, lower on the bass side; backwards irregardless of where the

stamp is. sincerely Lyndon J Taylor

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