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I do buy violins on Ebay upon occasion, and I do watch certain Ebay auctions to get a sense of prices, and it seems to me that the Ebay violin market is a bit soft right now. A lot less listings, a lot of very late bidding and low final bid prices. Hey dog, what's up with that?

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The real ebay pro is Jesse Kamien (Pahdah Hound). I recall Jesse saying that the ebay market is very cyclical in terms of prices realized. Sept. to Dec is strong, July August is weak, etc. But I'm not sure of the details. So this is a good time to buy if you find something you like. But I agree, pickings are slim.

Nobody in their right mind bids anytime before the end unless they are trying to find out what a reserve is. And that's dangerous because you may find it and then no one outbids you and rescues you from your mistaken purchase...

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I agree with Priya and jackC that the ebay market is slow right now-very slow. I was just in NYC at the Christies preview (Strad is gorgeous,in my opinion) and spoke with some people I know and it seems the softness is isolated to eBay. I am hoping it is cyclical, and I do recall some softness around spring break in previous years, but good stuff is selling for low prices on ebay right now. I will be watching Christies results carefully to see if the prices are weak there also. I think that things should pick up on ebay toward mid April and usually May and June are quite strong. We shall see...


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