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fun video

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Well,  I hate to be a cynic  (OK, actually I enjoy it)

 but as I just posted on the You Tube thread,


-Same goes for their other videos.  Big fat sound, lots of

reverb, no audio cables.


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While they MAY be lip-synching (or would it be bow and finger synching??) for this video, their web site states:

They perform on Violectra electric instruments and bring their own senheiser wireless systems to allow them to move around freely, they use Line6 Pod XT effects and a mackie mixer from which they send a feed to the main PA system.

So you may not see wires.

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You'd still see the transmitter. There's no place to hide it on

that thing!

I still love the video, and the group, I just thought I'd point out

what might not have been obvious to many.

I'm a music producer, that's how I pay the rent, and any type of

"faking" just snaps a switch in my spine. -Like opening a colorful

box on Christmas morning, with LOML beaming in anticipation, and

inside is a Roto-Zip.

-Just can't help it.  (g)

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