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What could someone have been thinking of?


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And I'll bet that the same beaver or wolverine also carved their

initials in the back.  I think I would be embarrassed to sell

something like this anywhere, let alone on a worldwide web site.

 Yet, due to the magic of eBay, something this ridiculous

might actually command a price.  

eBay has become a very strange place but more than likely, it is

really an indication of just what the market will allow, bear or

even propagate. His starting price of $50.00 will

probably not be met but, if it is met, it might actually be

surpassed. Ironically, a violin of even slightly lesser

quality that is, at least together and all strung up, may at times,

not even get a single bid at that price.  

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I just looked at it again.  There is actually a nail holding

the scroll together. I can not believe that the word

ITALY inscribed on the back was put there by the maker of this

violin.  So, there is a back that really can't be used, a

table that is worthless, a neck that would probably need a new

scroll grafted on, and someone has actually bid on it.  

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