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Bad, BAD music teacher!!!!


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I hope this link works. I don;t understand this new hyperlink

function. You cannot paste your link  or text into the


 I'm not writing it out in longhand, that's for sure. If you

are interested in this article, try copying & pasting.

It begins:

Teacher Allegedly Whacks Child With Bow

By Associated Press

Boulder, Colo. A substitute music teacher has been arrested after

allegedly whacking a 10-year-old student on the head with a viola

bow after telling the class they were "the worst players I've ever



Allegedly Whacks Child With Bow

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I feel sorry for the teacher, as well as the kids.  The kids

at that age don't have the experience to consider the source of

what was said, so for them, an adult, a voice of authority, has

just told them that they are all no good.  I still remember

stuff like that from 50 years ago.  I'm sure some of it had an

effect on my choices in life.  Certainly not a good way to

encourage budding musicians.

I feel sorry for the teacher because he or she is so inadequate and

unprofessional that it's necessary to resort to invective rather

than leadership with a bunch of 10 year olds.  What a

miserable individual!

The whack on the head is nothing.  At that age, I got a lot of

beatings with a belt and other objects, and they matter not at all.

 I regularly hurt myself much worse having fun (broken bones,

broken teeth, sprains, cuts, burns and such). Bruises go away, but

the words can hurt for a very long time.

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Originally posted by:

I hope this link works. I don;t understand this new hyperlink

function. You cannot paste your link or text into the


You do it like This. In the message editing window, select the "http" icon and it will ask you to paste your link, and any text associated with it. Unfortunately Comcast appears to have moved on to other strange news, but I think this is the same article. -Steve

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Thanks, Steve_W. Only one thing: I see the "insert hyperlink" Icon,

but I dont; see an "http' icon. So I hit the 'insert hyperlink"

icon, and from there cannot past anything, no matter what other

hittable icons, buttons or boxes appear. Can you tell me what I am

doing wrong?

If I'm not doing it wrong, maybe what I need to do is get out

my viola bow and try whacking it over the head.

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It sounds like you're doing it right... When you click the HTTP icon in the compose/reply window you should get a dialog box that asks you to enter your URL. You apparently never see that so I wonder if there's a browser compatibility issue or something. What browser do you use? I'm using Firefox (1 and 2) on Mac and PC and it works there. Or maybe it's a pop-up issue. If your browser blocks pop-ups, try allowing them for this site and see if that works. I hope this helps... -Steve

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Originally posted by:

That's outrageous that anyone would mistreat a violin bow like

that!  There is always a perfectly good 2x4 readily available

for such purposes.

Well, yeah, if it were a violin bow -- but he said it was a viola bow -- so that's a whole different story! (couldn't resist)

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Viola bows are shorter and heavier... a better weapon.

Two additional points:

1. I know that not all violin bows are longer than viola bows, however my violin bow was longer than my viola and they were both made by the same maker, so I'm running with it.

2. I briefly considered the fact that violin bows are whippier and when swung at high speeds might cause greater damage (depending of course on whether the bow was swung in the direction of proper cambering), but I figured that before the "whip's" full potential could be actualized, the violin bow would snap (unless a child's skull is much weaker than an adult's).

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Back when I was 10 and taking violin lessons, my then teacher, quite young few years removed from his own college days, lost patience with me and whacked me with the bow over my left hand and left some serious bruising on it. (The bow was cheap cherrywood, thick and stiff, didn't break!).

Well, when I got home and got quizzed by my Dad, the following day he accompanied me to the lesson with the teacher. While I was asked to wait outside the classroom, Dad basically came in and told the teacher that very next time an "accident" like that occurs, the teacher better be fully prepared to imitate Leonardo da Vinci in his flying experiments as he would find himself "flying out of the very tall 2nd floor's window". In the old days and in the Old World, one sometimes could get away with such approach.

Needless to say, from that day on, my interaction with the teacher was real smooth. LOL. I bumped into the guy in NYC about 5 years ago - he was playing a gig at my cousin's celebration. We've kept in touch ever since. He's really a nice guy - it's just he was real young then and was having a bad day.

ATB, Gary

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